Do You Remember?

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You Know You Grew Up In Cedar Rapids, IA Because...

Check out these great nostalgia videos!
After clicking on a video link below, click on the body of the page that says "Select for Adobe Flash".
Then click on the popup window that says "Allow once".
You will then be able to view the video. Adobe Flash will be discontinued sometime late in 2020.
At that time there will be another method of viewing these videos at which time I will make the new change.
Make sure your sound is turned up.

Do You Remember These? - 3:08

Growing Up In The Fifties - 8:51

Take Me Back to the '50s - 7:32

Take Me Back to the '60s - 8:45

The Cars We Drove In The 50s & 60s - 7:40

When Life Was In Black & White - 9:15

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