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Bullet INFORMATION - This takes you to the "Information Page". Click on "Register" so you can update your contact information to the 1960 Reunion Committee. This will help the reunion committee in the future. As we all get older it gets more difficult to keep track of our class members. Please help us out by keeping your information current.

Bullet NOSTALGIA SECTION - Go to this page for 1960 Facts; Prices, Fads, Fashion, TV, World News, US News, Sports, Movies and Music.

Bullet TRIBUTE SECTION - This page is a pictorial tribute to 9/11/01, so we don't forget those who lost their lives and the freedom we represent to the world.

Bullet CLASSMATE LIST - Go to this page for a list of known information on all of our classmates.

Bullet MISSING CLASSMATES" - Go to this page to see which classmates the reunion committee can not find.

Bullet SEARCH FOR CLASSMATES - Go to this page for a list of websites where you can search for missing classmates, or others.

Bullet DECEASED LIST - Go to this page for a list of classmates who have been reported to the reunion committee as deceased as of May, 2009.

Bullet 40th REUNION - Go to this page for highlights and pictures (with names) from our 40th reunion held in October, 2000.

Bullet 45th REUNION - Go to this page for information and pictures (with names) from our 45th reunion held on October 7th & 8th, 2005.

Bullet 50th REUNION - Go to this page for information on our upcomming 50th reunion to be held in the Fall of 2010.

Bullet REUNION COMMITTEE - Go to this page for a list of classmates on the 40th reunion committee.

Mailman E-mail to: Alumni Committee

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