Below you will find a listing of members of the Class of '60
whom the Reunion Committee has been unable to locate.
Any information which you might supply in helping us locate
them is truly appreciated.

There are 59 missing classmates out of a total of 499.


Our Missing Classmates (Class of '60) as of March 20, 2017
Name Name Name
Barker, Frances Beck (Adams), Marilyn Bolton, Warren R.
Buck, Judie Burns, William Butterfield, Francis "Wayne"
Christiansen, Dean Debel, Don Donegan, Frederick
Duncan, Dale Dye, William Eberle, Zoe
Edgemon, JoAnna Filip, Christine Ford, Loyd
Hamilton, Arlene Harrison (Ogrod II), Jean Heins, James
Henry, Richard Kirkpatrick, William Kluth (Mayne), Joan
Kummerer (Linder), Christine Lazzo, Edgar M. Lazzo Lee, Joanne
Long, Terry Long, Donald Martin, David
McAchran, Daniel McGowan, Gary Meyers, David
Miskimen, Harvey Morgan, James Morris, Tom
Napier, Mike Norwood (Sadler), Jane Ohlsen (Todd), Karen
Oliphant (Fargas), Sandra Parsons (Flibotte), Kally K. Phlegar (Scofield), Kathy
Pishney, George Reichle, Paul A. Rennekamp (German), Susan
Shepard, Joseph Tony Shepard, Mona Simms, Carol
Smith, Theodore Strait, Susan Stumbo, Dennis
Thompson, Jeff Usher, Sharon Waite (Bascom), Dorothy
Wheeler, David Wheeler (Tharp), Judy Wilfong, John
Williamson (Buck), Betty Woito (George), Molly Young, Lee
Zarub (Gunn), Judy K. Zenzen, Janet

If you have any information, please send an E-Mail message to the committee webmaster below.

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